Jules is a drummer in San Diego, CA. She has over 20 years of experience playing drums and percussion. She started studying Scottish snare drum at age 8 and the drum set at age 12. Her early influences include Carter Beauford of The Dave Matthews Band and Jeremy Bush of David Crowder*Band. More recently, Jules has found inspiration in the drumming of Anika Nilles, Ash Soan, Aaron Sterling, Steve Goold, and Darren King. Jules' style makes use of dynamics, precision, and musicality to achieve drum parts that suit the band, song, and venue.

She has played with bands, singer/songwriters, and projects in Seattle, Phoenix, and San Diego, and is currently a member of San Diego's Dragontree, Soundwave, Love Angeles, Kaleidoscope, and Sweet Deal. She plays with singer/songwriters including Chris Avetta, Lindsay White, Lizabeth Yandel, and Mary Hamer. She's most passionate about connecting and collaborating with other musicians to expand her repertoire and creativity and is doing so both locally and remotely with musicians around the world.

Jules was featured in the April 2018 issue of of DRUM! magazine's New Blood column and was interviewed on The Up and Coming Drummer Podcast.